IN Conversation with Colin Egglesfield

Actor/Speaker Colin Egglesfield can now add author to his burgeoning resumé. We caught up with the former soap star to get the scoop on his new self-help book, The Agile Artist, and his upcoming appearance here in Kansas City.


You’re kind of a renaissance man—actor, speaker, and now, author. What was the genesis behind the book?

“I’ve regularly spoken at acting classes to younger actors about what it takes to work on film and television shows and have loved sharing my insight about my experiences. Also, as a cancer survivor, I have done a lot of charity work with organizations such as St. Jude Children’s Hospital and have found myself speaking with families about my cancer experience and remaining empowered through it. A publisher heard me speak at an event last year and wanted to help get my message out to more people. I decided to embark on this amazing journey of writing a book and now getting on stage to share my stories to help empower others.”

I like the name Agile Artist—why agile?

“The profession of being an actor involves constant change, adaptation, growth, discovery, and having to deal with a lot of disappointment and rejection. What I have learned in my acting classes—and from my experiences on set—is that in order to be successful I have to adapt to constant change. The things I talk about in my book seem to really resonate with people who are looking to make a positive change or who are looking to reignite dormant dreams and goals.”

Hey, you’re coming to KC soon. Ever been? Thoughts?

“Yep! I was there a couple of months ago for my book signing at Barnes and Noble and loved meeting so many amazing, supportive people—including my now business partner, Angel, who lives in Kansas City as well.”

On your book tour—’fess up, what’s the most random question you’ve been asked?

“’Why are you so short and skinny?’ Mind you, I’m 5’11” and 160 lbs.”

Finally, you’re best known as the son of the oh-so infamous Erica Kane on All My Children. We’re dying to know—what was your most memorable scene with Susan Lucci?

“I had such a great experience working on AMC especially because I had the privilege to work with Susan. One of my favorite experiences was being trapped with her in a collapsed building and having to save her life with a pocketknife and straw—while we struggled to terms knowing that she was actually my biological mother.”

The Agile Life Workshop
Saturday, Nov. 16
2 – 5:00 p.m.
ACA Business Club of KC
6840 West 105th St., Overland Park, KS
Click here for ticket information