Vintage Source Opening in the West Bottoms

Dan Posch didn’t set out to become a curator of vintage furniture. For a while, he sold furniture to make ends meet after a furlough during the pandemic. One thing led to another, and after a stint at vintage shop Bella Patina, over a year running his own appointment-based store, and a hefty Instagram following, Vintage Source is now a reality.

While Vintage Posch, Posch’s first vintage venture, was more singularly focused, Vintage Source is community minded. Its logo was even created by one of its best customers, which Posch calls “a blessing.” The West Bottoms space, while still looking for vendors, already hosts Shorely Mid Mod, Blue Collar Antiques, Vintage Smiths, Vinca Vintage, and many local Kansas City artists.

One relationship Posch is quick to credit is his business partner, Brad Graff. “Between the two of us, we have a pretty broad skill set. He has a ton of skills that I don’t have, and vice versa. So it’s a really good partnership there.”

Vintage Source is all about quality, vintage furnishings—but what does that mean? “The meaning of vintage is changing a bit,” says Posch. “And quality, that’s such a big thing. But quality gets overused so much, especially in furnishing, that it almost feels cheap. The pieces we bring in, they have stories, they have weight to them, they have meaning. Whether from a sustainability standpoint, wanting to have something unique in your home, or supporting people in our community—makers, creators, and jobs here, that’s awesome.” The model at Vintage Source is buying with intention and understanding where your pieces come from. 

People familiar with Vintage Posch will recognize Posch’s style, but Vintage Source is buying, selling, and yes, even consigning, eye-catching furniture of any age. “We want to find things that are distinctive and unique. I’m a sucker for solid wood and craftsmanship, but we’re also looking at textiles and fabric. There’s definitely a shift, and we’re seeing more postmodern things,” he says. “The stuff we’re bringing in, sometimes it’s very different, but it’s generally timeless in its own right. And that’s what really draws us.”

Collaborative energy is part of what drew Posch to the West Bottoms, always with an eye toward the future. “There’s potential in this building to expand and do something even bigger,” he says. “Two doors down there’s another available space. Maybe someone will see what we’re doing, see what Fetch is doing, see what Timewalker Tattoo is doing, and want to be a part of this community as well.”

The space that holds Vintage Source’s furnishings is a masterpiece. While the building is over 120 years old, its natural light showcases the furniture beautifully. “I have so much respect for the owners of the building because they were really protective of the patina of the walls, because you can’t—you can’t get that back,” Posch says. 

Vintage Source is a home to Dan Posch. “My fiancée brought our son in a week and a half ago and he took his first steps in the building,” he says. “I’m cherishing all the moments and memories we’ve created thus far and the awesome ones that will be to come. I think that’s the coolest, coolest part of the whole thing—the relationships and the experience.”

Curated, vintage furnishings available now at Vintage Source five days a week.

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