To Help With Shortage, Local 3D Printer Now Creating Reusable Masks

With the need for respirators and masks at an all-time high for metro-area healthcare professionals right now, one local Plaza company took their skill set and ratcheted things up a notch. 3DHQKC is using its 3D printers to create a version similar—and inspired by—the in-demand N-95 respirators for those working in the healthcare field.


Earlier this week, the company—known for creating realistic 3D human miniatures—started printing masks based on a prototype from a dentist in Montana with the help of his son and local neurosurgeon. Once they had created a pattern, the team located in Billings made the file open source for others to use. “The Reusable High Filtration Mask is made from a bio plastic which can be washed and disinfected and reused,” says 3DHQKC owner Nick Nikkhah. Filtration fabric material helps “to filter out 99.7 percent of all particles of .3 microns and larger.” Using soap and water or a disinfecting solution will ensure the RHFM is reusable.

“We knew we could help one way or another because 3D tech is the future. We knew we could design and print parts from scratch or from an already existing part that a company or a hospital can’t get anymore so we started calling and letting them all know,” says owner Nik Nikkah. “In the process we realized the respirator masks and face shields are in high demand in healthcare so we began printing them as well.”

The masks, which 3DHQKC is making for healthcare professionals, don’t require assembly and provide a natural seal—a handy tool for those in the medical field. “We are all in this together, so we are here to help,” says Nikkah.

To learn more, you can visit their website or on social media.

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