Outdoors Is In!

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We are all beckoning the call of fresh air and warming temps. It’s no wonder that as people start to enjoy nicer weather, they also notice their patio and deck furniture could use—shall we say—a refresh? Now celebrating their 20th year in business, locally-owned Seville Home is anything but a conventional furniture retailer. Instead, the company specializes in helping customers with start-to-finish design projects. Even in the midst of the pandemic, the entire staff is available to help you. “We’ve evolved as a family business and we’ve grown—and we’ve listened to our clientele along the way and let them lead us to new opportunities and our substantial place in the market,” says Seville Home’s owner Stuart Wilkins.

The design team at Seville Home understands what you’re looking for. “What we’re hearing is our customers still want to get together and entertain—and they want to do it safely and carefully,” Wilkins says. “And there’s no better way than to have a perfectly designed outdoor space.” This year, the timing is unusual and special. “People are staying home. We’re going to see a lot of that. We don’t have to sacrifice enjoying socializing, being together, and being outside. With our designs, you’re not giving up style, comfort or fashion.”

Customization Changes Everything
The change over the past few years in exactly what outdoor furniture is has been dramatic. Wilkins and his team brought in luxe outdoor collections that range from classic to contemporary, but always wildly comfortable. “You used to have an idea of what outdoor furniture was like—and it wasn’t stylish and fashionable,” Wilkins says. “That’s not the case anymore. Now everything is customizable. Clients can specify a frame, specify a fabric, specify types of cushions. And most can be shipped in under a month.”

Summer Classics’ Roma Deep with Flamingo Fabric

Built to Last
Summer Classics is one of Seville Home’s premier outdoor lines. “They build their furniture so the frame can last 15 to 20 years, and the customer can refresh their cushions every five years or so,” Wilkins says. “It’s designed for longevity. Our clients love that they can freshen their whole outdoor environment without replacing it.”

Bernhardt Exteriors’ posh Naples chair

Fresh Looks
Carrie McColgan, sales manager for Seville Home, points out that Seville Home is the exclusive retailer for the luxe Bernhardt Exteriors outdoor collection in the Kansas City area. She calls the designs revolutionary—and mentions the company’s opulent Naples Chair. “It’s gotten a lot of attention. It definitely doesn’t look like an outdoor piece. It looks like it belongs indoors in, say, a high-end loft,” she says. “The all-metal, cast-aluminum frame has an organic, tree-branch look that’s attractive from all angles. Not only is it incredibly detailed, it’s also very, very plush with thick, comfy cushions. It’s just as cozy as it is fashionable.”

Spark Joy
“People are tired of being cooped up. You can only look at the same four walls for so long,” McColgan says. “People want to get outside and—not surprisingly—they’re investing in their own personal outdoor space. Since everyone has been forced to hunker down and stay in their own environment, they’re telling us, ‘We’re sick of looking at this.’ They want their homes to bring them joy—indoor and outdoor. People have never been more inspired to bring their patio, pool, deck or sunroom to life.” She says clients are eager for more patterns and colors. “You can only enjoy the outdoors for so many months out of the year—so brighter, primary colors rule. There’s definitely more whimsy.”

Seville’s design team is embracing the chance to take their knowledge and know-how to the great outdoors. “Our motto is ‘Outdoors is In!’” McColgan says, revealing that sophisticated, eclectic outdoor pieces are getting the most buzz. “Clients want to let their personality shine. Everyone wants something their neighbor doesn’t have,” she says. “With all our customizable options, we can make it as unique—and detailed—as you want.”

The Seville Home design team promises to help you make your outdoor spaces a newfound retreat. “What we offer for indoors—we now do for outdoors. We’ll take measurements, create a floorplan, create spec finishes, help choose fabrics,” says McColgan. “We absolutely love creating outdoor retreats that are both beautiful to look at AND wonderful to live in. And best yet, we’ve reopened our expansive Leawood gallery and our stunning outdoor collections are priced a full 50% off!”