Three Types of In-Ground Pools to Consider

A custom concrete pool by Swim Things.

Backyard pools are on the rise across the country this year because of the widespread closings of public pools due to the pandemic.

The gamut ranges from plastic kiddie pools to in-ground pools that are the centerpiece of the entire backyard. If you’re thinking about making the investment in the latter—typically starting at $25,000 and past $50,000 depending on the type and surrounding landscaping—here are the three types of in-ground pools and their pros and cons.

Vinyl. This is the least expensive in-ground option, but there will be more maintenance costs with replacing the liner every five to seven years and cleaning algae from the surfaces. However, there are lots of design options.

Fiberglass. Prebuilt by manufacturers, this is the middle cost option. While they don’t have as many customization options, they are available in lots of shapes and sizes. They’re durable and require less maintenance since they’re nonporous. And the installation process can take days as opposed to weeks.

Concrete. These are the most expensive pools, but they can be constructed in any shape for a truly custom pool. Considered the most durable, concrete pools can be replastered for extra longevity.

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