Seasonal Decorating Beyond the Holidays

The Wonder of Winter

One of the most magical memories of the holidays is the decor. Trees, ornaments, and lights gleam throughout the house.

However, then the new year arrives and with it is the letdown of schlepping boxes and boxes of all the shiny, happy things back to their 11-months-of-the-year storage space.

But there is another way to keep the party going longer. The strategy is to think seasonal vs. holiday. At Nell Hill’s in The Village at Briarcliff, much of the décor festively sparkles but is devoted to winter.

“I love looks that can transition with minimal work,” says owner Katie Laughridge. “I work full time—and then some—and have a 3-year-old, so when I invest my time into decorating our home for the holidays, I want to make it count.”

Laughridge focuses on layering extra elements that will make the home cozier during the colder months that aren’t necessarily holiday-specific including wintery plants, natural fiber table accents and velvet ribbons. Here are other items:

Greenery. Laughride’s favorite go-tos are natural-looking garlands and swags for mantels, doorways, and tabletops. They bring the outdoors into your home for an extra, organic layer. Simply switch out the accents as the holidays change. Start with pinecones before Thanksgiving, add ornaments when you’re ready for Christmas decor and then swap both out for simple berry picks after the holidays to take you through the rest of winter. “This way, you only have to do the hard part of getting your garland positioned and anchored just right once,” she says. There are plenty of garlands to choose from, but her favorites include pine, spruce, juniper, fir, cedar, and magnolia.

Color. Accents in silver, gold, champagne, and clear glass instead of red and green.

Boxwoods. In every shape and size, they are simple and versatile. Preserved boxwood topiaries and wreaths are great year round, and can be dressed up for each holiday by simply swapping out a bow.

All this to say you can easily keep décor you adore out for a few weeks longer to enjoy well into 2020.

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