Outdoor Winter Décor Done Right

One might think that Kristopher Dabner, owner of The Greensman, a landscape and garden design company, wraps up his tools and relaxes in front of the fire when winter arrives. Au contraire. Outside of spring, decorating outdoor landscapes for the holidays are some of his and his staff’s busiest times. Here are his best tips for making the outside of your home as ready for the holidays as the inside.

Stage It. Dabner’s crew begins planning as soon as the live plantings are cleaned up after the first frost. First comes fall, with autumn colors and accessories, which will be up through Thanksgiving. Holiday is next. “Over-the-top can apply here,” Dabner says. Think fairy lights and colorful ribbons and overscale ornaments. Then after Christmas, they remove the holiday-specific décor and add white branches and winter greenery that will last until pansies are planted for spring.

It’s Relatable. “Have a theme for the whole house, inside and out,” he cautions. If the indoor holiday décor is rustic, the outdoor décor should reflect that. Or if it’s all glittery and sparkly, make sure what’s outside fits too.

Room with a View. Plan something away from the house that can be seen from inside. “It gets dark so early,” Dabner says. “If you have it lit well you can look out a window and have a framed view.”