Bartenders Dish! (Featuring Farina’s Berto Santoro)

Well-known local bartenders—famous for slangin’ dranks— narrow down their favorite dish at their restaurant.


Farina’s master mixologist Berto Santoro knows a thing or two about carbo-loading. Good thing he works for chef Michael Smith, who is famous for his homemade pastas. Of course, out of the countless Italian dishes Santoro could have chosen, he opted for something wildly rich and decadent. (Smart move, Santoro—smart move!)

Here’s his must-have dish and why it brings him so much joy:

“Simply stating that the caramelle at Farina is my all-time favorite dish would not really be fair to this delectable dish. I have probably ordered this more than any other Item on the menu. Actually, I thought I would need riot gear when Michael tried to change up our pasta selections last summer.

The dish is similar to a ravioli, but obviously way more fun. It’s no accident that the name is reminiscent of something you would find in a candy store. It takes its name from the caramel wrapper that mirrors its appearance. Filled with Crescenza cheese, the dish is made with a drool-worthy white marsala cream sauce. It’s one of the best things I’ve ever eaten. Anywhere. Period.

The menu at Farina is absolutely killer, but the pastas really shine. Everyone asks questions when they come in, but when they want to know what I would order—I always steer them towards ‘everyone’s favorite pasta’ the cheese-filled caramelle.”

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