Sweet Combforts & Wingman KC

If your idea of a waffle pops out of a toaster, prepare to have your mind blown. Sweet Combforts (4117 Pennsylvania Ave.) pays tribute to the traditional liege waffle with honeycomb-patterned treats paired with premium toppings. The concept has worked its way from Coachella to Kansas City, where you can now enjoy confections like the Bam Bam, covered with fruity pebbles, cheesecake bites and white chocolate, and the Churro Crunch, rolled in cinnamon-sugar and topped with Cinnamon Toast Crunch and a cream-cheese drizzle. But the fun doesn’t stop there—Sweet Combforts shares its space with Wingman, a chicken spot that combines American and Asian influences to create dishes like a fried chicken and kimchi sandwich and a rice platter that comes with wings.

Editor’s Note: Sweet Combforts & Wingman KC are open for pick-up orders and delivery only during the stay-at-home order.


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