Sample Kansas City-Made Agave Spirits at Mean Mule Distilling Co.

Agave spirits have become much buzzed about in the drinking world—they share a base ingredient with tequila along with a similar flavor profile. Now local producer Mean Mule Distilling Co. (1733 Locust St.) has a tasting room where you can sample Kansas City-made agave spirits for yourself. The spirits are handcrafted from 100 percent Weber Blue agave grown in Jalisco, Mexico, and distilled in Kansas City. On the menu at Mean Mule’s ultra-cool Crossroads bar and distillery? A series of cocktails that showcase—you guessed it—their agave spirits, complete with unique Midwest personality and a dash of Southwestern style. A selection of beer and wine is also available, presumably for those still struggling to navigate their post-college relationship with tequila and its relatives.