Pirate’s Bone Moves to the Crossroads

Pirate’s Bone closed the doors at its original test kitchen in March in service of a fresh vision, one centered on plant-based burgers, sandwiches, and waffles dubbed Pirate’s Bone Burgers. In need of more room, both for customers and in the kitchen, executive chef and owner Zaid Renato Consuegra Sauza and company set their sights on a new location in the Crossroads (2000 Main St.). To bring that vision to life, Pirate’s Bone asked for local support, turning to Indiegogo to raise funds in addition to seeking investors and volunteers to help get the new location up and running. The result is a community-focused eatery where guests, whether they’re vegans or not, can consume fare that makes a positive impact on their health and on the planet.