Lazia at the Crossroads Hotel

Chef Remy Ayesh

The newest place to crash during a staycation, the Crossroads Hotel, also happens to be home to the city’s freshest spot for modern Italian fare. At Lazia (2101 Central St.), the hotel’s fine-dining restaurant, chef Remy Ayesh offers diners a thoughtfully edited menu in a setting rich with history. The building started its life as a Pabst bottling facility and was taken over by political boss Tom Pendergast in the 1920s. Guests can dine in the original vault, just off the main dining room, an elegant open space illuminated by a dramatic, delicate chandelier. Craving something more casual? The hotel’s XR Café serves up pizzas cooked Neapolitan style in a majestic wood-fired oven and as well as small plates, cocktails, and coffee all day. 

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