Chiefs Nab ‘Barry’ Star Henry Winkler to Voice Playoff Message to the Kingdom

‘Happy Days’ and ‘Barry’ actor Henry Winkler made headlines late last year when he gleefully received a personalized Chiefs jersey from Patrick Mahomes on the field of SoFi stadium. 

Winkler, a self-proclaimed Chiefs mega fan, doesn’t have ties to Kansas City other than the fact he fell in love with Patrick Mahomes’s energy on the field—can’t blame him there. Now, he’s voicing an ad for the Chiefs, which offers love to the fans of Chiefs Kingdom.

Winkler in the Chiefs commerical.

“Some see Chiefs Kingdom as a bit much,” Winkler says in the voiceover. “You know what we see? We see you. The fans. Doing their part. Because this isn’t much, this is amazing. And this is dedication. And this, well this is eccentric. So, wherever you are, and whatever your ritual, just know this: we love it. And we’re right there with you. Because all the preparation you do helps us with everything we do. And the truth is, doing the most is what we do. So keep it up Chiefs Kingdom, it’s working and we ain’t done yet.”

Watch the video here:

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