Ladies Laugh Lounge Event Promises To Bring Girl Power/Girl Humor

Maybe you’ve heard of ladies who lunch, but have you heard of ladies who laugh? This Tuesday night, several of the metro’s funniest femme fatales are coming together for some girl power/girl humor. We caught up with writer Becky Blades who organized the upcoming Ladies Laugh Lounge event at the Comedy Club of Kansas City and wants you to grab your gal pals and join in on the fun.


What was the genesis behind the Ladies Laugh Lounge event?
“Laughter is medicine. We all know that now. Laughter improves the immune system, reduces stress, stimulates heart, lungs, and muscles and increases endorphins. Like everything, lady laughter is just a little bit better than generic laughter, and that’s what we’re here to prove. Come out for a hilarious night of humorous readings by local female writers and stand-up comedians—together for the first time on stage!”

The Ladies Laugh Lounge is the best beauty secret out there. You will arrive looking like the working mother of triplet toddlers and a high school senior and leave looking like a Kardashian. You might also leave rich, because we’ve received word that a generous Nigeran Prince will be in attendance.”


Who’s on the roster?
“We’ll have featured comedic readings by:
Julie Burton, humor columnist.
Andrea Caspari, teacher, writer, comedian, and winner of the Clean Comedy Challenge 2019, Ice House, Pasadena, CA.
Jen Mann, New York Times best-selling author of People I Want to Punch in the Throat and I Just Want to Pee Alone.
Ameerah Sanders, screenwriter & standup comedian, regular at Comedy Club of Kansas City.
And me—Becky Blades, author of Do Your Laundry or You’ll Die Alone and contributor to”


How did it start?
“My daughter is a comedy writer in New York. For Mother’s Day, her all-female comedy troupe invited their moms to participate in a Mother’s Day comedy reading show. We were asked to write something funny and read it. It was one of those very New York things that made me think, ‘Kansas City needs something like this. My girlfriends need something like this.’”


Why do it?
“Humor by women, for women is unique. As our youngest performer, standup comic, Ameerah Sanders, says ‘There are some things only women and femmes can understand. There’s nothing like getting a joke from a woman’s perspective, when that perspective isn’t the butt of the joke.’

The five writer/performers range in age from 23 to 60. Topics may include but not be limited to: kids, jerks that live in our kids’ bodies, parent/teacher conferences, laundry, workplace drama, periods, people we want to punch in the throat, kids we want to punch in the throat, aging, sex, neighbors and the elf on the shelf.”


Anything another pertinent and/or clever must-know info?
“We recommend women in attendance dress comfortably and open their minds. We know men are coming. We’re happy to have them. They will definitely learn a few things. But fair warning to them. There will be no fart jokes. It’s a safe space, but we can’t protect you from everything. Pack your own Poise pads.”

Ladies Laugh Lounge
Tuesday, Sept. 24, 2019
Doors open 6:30 p.m.
Show starts 7:30 p.m.

The Comedy Club of Kansas City
1130 W. 103rd St.
Kansas City, MO

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