11 Common Mistakes When Planning A Wedding

Hear that? That’s the sound of brides furiously planning their upcoming spring/summer/fall nuptials now that the holidays are over. Weddings don’t happen in a vacuum—it takes a village, people.


So in order for a blushing bride to not become a raging bride, we hit up local wedding planner Jessica Corbett of Hitched In KC to find out the 11 biggest mistakes brides and grooms make prepping for their special day. And because Corbett is known as “the fixer,” she has handy solutions if/when things go sideways.

11. Shopping venues before creating a guest list. “Make sure you know approximately how many people you will be inviting so that you don’t book a venue that is way too small—or way too large—for your capacity. You know what they say: size matters.”

10. Buying wedding attire (dress, tux, etc.) several sizes smaller than where you currently are. “While it’s always good to have fitness goals, weight loss doesn’t always come easy. A good seamstress can easily accommodate an inch or two, but can’t work miracles to size up a dress or suit!”

9. Too much DIY.
“Personal touches and a few special projects are a great way to personalize a wedding. However, if you try and DIY every aspect of the celebration, you will drive yourself (and everyone around you) to madness. Plus, once you’re done purchasing and crafting, sometimes the cost is the exact same—if not more—if you had a professional step in.”

8. Not having assigned seating. 
“Assigned seating ensures 1) guests know that they have been thought of and considered, and 2) there isn’t just a mad rush for seats. This can leave invitees feeling panicked and uncertain.”

7. Forgetting (or refusing) to send out stamped RSVP cards. “Your guests will not want to go buy stamps. Trust me. An alternative? Have guests RSVP online.”

6. Not hiring a wedding coordinator.
“The quickest way to becoming a stressed-out bride or groom is trying to do everything yourself on the day of your event. Even worse? Leaving it to an immediate family member. A day-of coordinator (at the very minimum) will be your saving grace.”

5. Not compiling a preliminary budget. “Clients are often blown away after they sit down and do a starter budget. Wedding costs in Kansas City are on the rise. It’s important to look at the big picture so that you aren’t caught halfway into the planning process and realize your budget is already wiped out.”

4. Skimping on service staff. “Guests may not notice all the small details, but they will notice if dirty dishes pile up or—God forbid—they aren’t able to get a drink. Couples sometimes assume their guests will bus their own plates and have caterers only drop-off the food. Trust me, this creates a huge headache for the family left cleaning up at the end of the night—or even worse, the wedding couple!”

3. Not having a weather/rain plan.
“Although every bride or groom wants perfect weather for their day, it is important to think through all potential scenarios and have a solid back-up plan. Think of all of the time and investment you’ve put into your wedding day. It can go to ruin if Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate and there’s no Plan B. Or C.”

2. Getting caught up in competition. “You should be planning a wedding that is authentic to you both as a couple, not just following or trying to one-up other weddings that you’ve attended. I’ve seen both brides and grooms blow their budget on things that aren’t even important to them.”

1. Not planning as a team
. “Alert the media! Planning a wedding is often one of the first multi-faceted challenges a couple will face as a team. It’s important to constantly check in to make sure the event is reflective of both partners. Making decisions that you know your partner won’t like down the line—or, ugh, withholding information—is a recipe for disaster. Trust me.”

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