Impulse Purchase: Pints and Puzzles

We’re living in the golden age of craft beer in Kansas City, and as much as we love cracking open a cold one from Crane Brewing Company, Alma Mader, or BKS Artisan Ales, we love showing our support in other ways, too. That’s why we love the ‘Cheers, KC!’ 500-piece puzzle from the Kansas City Puzzle Company

In a bit of tragic timing, Tim and Stefanie Ekeren started Kansas City Puzzle Company in January of 2020 but ran into supply issues that pushed back their product launch until March this year. Now the company is adding new designs quickly. Their favorite subject? Kansas City, of course! 

Tim told IN Kansas City that another local puzzle company, Springbok, inspired the ‘Cheers, KC!’ puzzle

“We’re pretty heavy on hyping Kansas City because we love it so much. Springbok, which has been around since the 1960s, had a beer puzzle in the 1970s. And we just thought that it would be rad to update it with local beer,” Tim says. 

Update they did, and the puzzle features tallboy cans from the likes of Boulevard Brewing Company, Cinder Block Brewery, BKS Artisan Ales, Crane Brewing, Stockyards Brewing Company, and Double Shift Brewing Company. Kansas City Puzzle Company’s designs feature 100 percent recycled materials with soy-based ink and biodegradable plastic. At only $26 for the premium, super-matte puzzle, there’s change left over for a tasty beverage while you piece. 

Find Kansas City Puzzle Company puzzles at the Made in KC store, Mission: Board Games, Rally House, Level One Game Shop, and more, or order directly at

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