Impulse Purchase of the Week – 8/15

Lord knows it’s an ongoing effort, but the local team at Mixture has created a fab new product to help guys smell good all day long. Forget your spray-on Aqua Velva filled with chemicals and alcohol, brah. Now there’s a nifty, pocket-size cologne balm and it’s flying off the shelves.

Mixture Man—if you’re not familiar—is a local brand of all-natural men’s skincare and fragrances. Started by owner/navigator Dan DeLeon last fall, the extensive product line boasts it will “make your skin super soft and supple—all while smelling like a dude. Shhhhhh, it will be our secret.”

The cologne balm—a sort of hard wax-esque cologne—was the brainchild of DeLeon. “Cologne balm is softer on the skin. There’s no alcohol. It’s all-natural. It won’t irritate your skin,” says DeLeon. “And it’s obviously easier to carry around if you need to reapply multiple times a day.”

The Mixture Man line has five different, bro-centric fragrances: Debauchery, Peppercorn, Whiskey, Citrus and Timber. We don’t want to bias you, but their biggest seller is Whiskey, because, of course, it is. (“It evokes strong whiskey, pepper, and lavender followed by cedar, sandalwood, balsam, and musk,” says DeLeon.)

At $14.99, it’s a steal and will last an inordinate amount of time. Apply and reapply to your heart’s desire.

“Mixture has been providing custom products with custom fragrances for years. We’re a big hit with all the ladies, but now we want to dote on the dudes,” says DeLeon. “Response has been awesome! We’ve had a lot of women buying the products for their husbands or boyfriends.”

The line started with shaving creams and beard oils, then expanded in to a full-fledged men’s skincare regimen. Even better? The team at Mixture Man is creating “gift packages galore—all specially priced—for the holiday season”. It’s available at retailers throughout the metro. Go to for more information. In the meantime, the cologne balm will help keep you funk-free as we head into the autumnal equinox.


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