How to Workout at Work

Any office dweller knows that the desk is the enemy of the body. Man was not meant to sit for hours at a time, but when the TPS reports have to be submitted, you hunker down. All that hunkering can do a number on the body, and now that many of us are working from home, it’s important to give ourselves a little self-care and work out the kinks now and then. 

We asked local wellness coach and trainer, David Bromberg of Bromberg Fitness, for a few tips to make the day a little less painful, whether you’re in the office or at the kitchen table. 

First, Bromberg says, mix it up. “Change how you sit throughout the day and take a break from your screen and look out a window (or as far into the distance as possible) for at least 30 seconds to let your eyes reset from staring at a screen,” he says. 

Elevating the monitor to eye level, whether you’re sitting or standing, will also help to keep strain off of the upper back and neck. For a bit more activity, Bromberg suggests these three exercises to open up the body and allow you to return to a more natural posture.

Band pull-apart—Grab an exercise band with light resistance. Hold it in front of your body with two hands and gently pull the band apart, then return to starting position, stretching your upper body. Do two sets of 15-20 repetitions one to two times a day. 

Half kneeling hip flexor stretch—Kneel, with one knee on the floor and the opposite foot on the floor for support. Place the foot of the leg with your knee down on a low chair, creating a V-shape with your leg. Slowly lean forward, stretching the hip flexors, which are shortened by prolonged sitting. Try a 30-second hold on each side twice per day.

Bird Dog—Starting on all fours with a flat back, raise one arm and the opposite leg and extend out to come in line with the back. Return to starting position and switch arms and legs. Do two sets of ten repetitions on each side. 

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