Eat Your Rainbow

Diving into the world of nutritional supplements is a heady proposition, even for the most gung-ho and resolute New Year’s optimist. As sunlight wanes early and outdoor exercise seems daunting, focusing on your diet may be a worthy enough goal for January.

As Hippocrates said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Okay, Hipp, but are you cooking dinner? If you want to add a boost of vitamins without becoming a registered dietician, try one of these local concoctions.

It’s Easy Being Green
So you didn’t get a pricey Vitamix for Christmas. Should that stop you from drinking your greens? Absolutely not. Ruby Jean’s Juicery has a slew of smoothies, performance shakes, and wellness sips but if you really want to be blown away (nutritionally speaking), order the CTRL+ALT+DELETE. With romaine, spinach, kale, cucumber, celery, lemon, ginger, and jalapeño, this handcrafted juice packs a whopping 840 percent of your daily intake of Vitamin A, 410 percent of Vitamin C, and 60 percent of your fiber (you know, the stuff that keeps you full and stops you from raiding your stocking for chocolate). $7.50 for 16 oz., available at Ruby Jean’s Juicery or order a half gallon, $30.

Hulk Smash
Maybe you want some green but you’re not ready to go for the drinkable celery just yet. Grab a sweet but protein-packed shake like the Hulk at Protein House. It’s made with coconut water, vanilla whey protein, almond butter, cinnamon, banana, dates, and a touch of spinach for that Marvel superhero punch. Sound delicious? It is. Even better? It packs 31 grams of protein into its 430 calories. Smash indeed. $8, at Protein House

Knife and Fork
Sometimes, even when you’re trying to vitamin load, you want to, well, chew. If you want to chew really great but still healthy food created by none other than chef Michael Smith himself, then enjoy at Enjoy Pure Food and Drink. Load up on fiber and flavor with stuffed acorn squash filled with zucchini (folate), mushrooms (protein), tomato (lycopene), red pepper (vitamin C), spinach (vitamin K), onion and garlic (vitamin B6), served with mushroom risotto. $14, at Enjoy Pure Food + Drink.

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