TIVOL’s David Yurman Guide for the Special Men in Your Life

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This time of year, you can’t turn on your television without seeing an ad or two for that perfect engagement ring, necklace, or pair of earrings she’ll wear for years to come. But why should the ladies get all the shiny, new fun?

At TIVOL this holiday season, the cases are brimming with the perfect high-end statement pieces from David Yurman for that special man in your life.

For over a century, Kansas City shoppers have trusted TIVOL to find the perfect jewelry pieces to give over the holidays. Charles Tivol opened a jewelry store in downtown Kansas City in 1910, stamping a timeless reputation of enduring workmanship and style to the TIVOL brand, now in its fourth generation.

Plus, TIVOL is the go-to spot in town to find the David Yurman piece you want. When David Yurman launched his jewelry line in 1980, TIVOL was one of the first stores in the U.S. to carry the brand. 

Over the decades, the two brands have built legacies on the foundation of passion, collaboration, and curiosity. So, rest assured this holiday season you’ll find the perfect David Yurman piece for your man at TIVOL.

Men’s rings, bracelets, cuffs, and tags, oh my!

Between David Yurman’s Cable Contour and Streamline collections, TIVOL offers an extensive and on-trend selection of men’s fine jewelry pieces. 

Inspired by the brand’s signature collection, Cable Contour brings a playful slice of the past into the present with modern designs that pay tribute to the classic 1950s ID bracelet and streamlined silhouettes that reflect the traditional cigar bands of that decade. 

Easy to wear and comfortable, Cable Contour bracelets and cuffs conform to the contours of the wrist. Available in 18K gold or sterling silver, the collection is elegantly carved with the Cable signature throughout.

Meanwhile, David Yurman’s Streamline collection is inspired by bold, clean lines and smooth metal surfaces, but the collection still echoes David Yurman’s classic Cable design.

Streamline celebrates a minimalist point of view with masculine, clean-lined pieces crafted from sleek metal. The latest additions include enhancements to the collection’s core designs with new closed-hinged and contoured link bracelet silhouettes, as well as a signet ring highlighting the traditional cigar band motif crafted from mixed metals.

Pay extra attention to Streamline’s Dog Tags, which make striking statements with an array of gemstones set in exquisitely rendered designs. David Yurman’s handcrafted chains, designed to be worn alone, layered, or complemented with unique pendants or amulets from other collections, have enduring appeal.

To this day, the brand’s founders, David and Sybil Yurman, along with their son, Evan Yurman, are closely involved with every stage of designing new collections. Plus, you can feel good about any David Yurman gift purchase—the brand meticulously screens each of its supplier partners to ensure ethical, legal, and physical standards.

Shop David Yurman’s men’s offerings at either of TIVOL’s locations or online at tivol.com/pages/david-yurman-store.