Indian Couture Takes Center Stage at Leharr Collection

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Chetna Ranat

Stunning Indian fashion in now on full display here in the metro thanks to designer Chetna Ranat, who recently launched her line of exotic clothing, Leharr Collection. From detailed embroidery to gorgeous wedding gowns to jewelry, Ranat customizes each piece for every client. “The design process starts locally, and we work with our production team in India to make sure everything exceeds the customer’s expectations,” says Ranat.

The inspiration for her many of her designs “comes from pieces worn by royalty, the Maharajas (King) & Maharanis (Queen) and the breathtaking palaces they built in Ancient India. Each of our outfits is architecturally cultivated to the royal standard.” Seems she’s been diligently honing her craft for the last six years and is now ready to unveil some of these gorgeous pieces to the world.

We caught up with Ranat to find out about her colorful line and why her authentic designs are turning heads from coast to coast.

Give me a little backstory on you and your company, please?
“I have been working in the corporate world for the past 20+ years. I felt as if I had gotten everything I could possibly get out of working in my own field. I wanted to instead pursue my true passion—which is fashion. I decided to create Leharr Collection with the idea to share the luxury behind Indian fashion—not only locally, but across the country.”

Photo credit: A Day to Adore Photography

What was the genesis behind starting a local Indian clothing line?
“’Lehar’ means ‘wave’—as in waves in the ocean. I wanted to create a new wave in fashion and to really target the growing market of women’s and men’s Indian wear in the Midwest. Once I realized that the quality of fabric and customization of pieces in other Indian boutiques wasn’t up to my standard of liking, I decided to start Leharr with high-quality fabrics and exceptional customizable service in mind. We also create a styling combination between clothing and jewelry. Using our fashion jewelry, we will make sure each client is accessorized for their event.

What has response been like here in the metro?
“The response has been overwhelming due to our personalized service. Most of our business is based on word of mouth. Our clients recommend us for weddings, galas, and fashion-related events.”

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