Back to Brooches: The Perfect Way to Add Interest

Popping up on the runway. Left: Simone Rocha, Autumn/Winter 2023. Center: At Coperni, a silver hand-shaped brooch adorned everything from T-shirts to dresses. Right: Schiaparelli, Autumn/Winter 2023

This year we’re going brooches out and taking this classic style back with our own modern twists. Whether you’re a proud vintage brooch owner or shopping for new, these statement pieces can give any outfit a modern, updated lift. 

Function to Fashion. The original brooch was used in a utilitarian fashion, fastening cloaks and the togas of the Roman gentry, but people today mix form and function—try securing a shawl, tying a top, or cinching the waist of a skirt or your favorite jacket with a statement brooch for some extra sparkle. 

Laid-Back Luxury. Because brooches have been so closely associated with the upper class, including the likes of Madeleine Albright, they often get branded as stuffy. But these days, versatility is key. Get creative—bunch a few brooches on a T-shirt to dress up a casual look or pin a brooch to a chunky chain necklace to make a statement on a funky night out. Even pinned on a handbag or a hat, the right brooch can make an underused piece feel brand new.

Mystic Eye brooch, $88, available at Kemper Museum Shop.

Hidalgo gold, diamond, ruby, and enamel bumblebee pin, $2,750, from Lilliane’s Jewelry.

Vintage sterling feather brooch, $54, available at Donna’s Dress Shop.

Ted Muehling brooch, $495, available at Asiatica.

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