Unwanted Hair a Problem? AesthetiCare has Four Unique Hair Removal Lasers to Remedy the Pesky Problem

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Beware unwanted hair! The team at AesthetiCare has their eye on you—and your days are numbered. For many people who suffer from unsightly hair in unsightly places, repeated shaving, waxing, and plucking can lead to a variety of skin issues—including folliculitis. That’s why AesthetiCare introduced laser hair removal into their skincare arsenal as far back as 2000.

As technology advanced along the way, so did the treatments at AesthetiCare. Now—with their newly introduced Clarity Laser—procedures are “faster, more effective, less painful and safe on all skin types,” says owner Matt Taranto. “We’re the first clinic in the four-state area with this top-of-the-line hair removal technology.”

As clients move away from procedures that have unpleasant or painful side effects, laser hair removal is becoming increasingly popular. Laser hair removal gives clients fantastic, long-term results—without the fuss, the muss, or those dreaded ingrown hairs.

When laser hair removal was originally introduced, it often got a bad rap as being ineffective for certain skip types or being too lengthy a process. Oh, how times have changed. Now advancements in technology have changed the science of how AesthetiCare does laser hair removal. AesthetiCare owns four FDA-approved laser/light systems for hair removal. With four unique lasers to choose from, they’re able to offer clients the most effective treatment available for their skin and hair type. “Now, it’s fast, pain-free, and far more affordable than it used to be,” says Taranto. “We’re now using unique, state-of-the-art, pulse-by-pulse laser technology. It’s revolutionized how we remove unwanted hair on practically every skin type.”

First up, cryogenic freezing helps to instantly anesthetize the mid-dermal layer of the skin before each pulse. That built-in cooling technology ensures you stay comfy and experience minimal trauma to your skin. Patients report feeling absolutely nothing. Second, quicker pulse times mean it’s now possible to treat larger sections of your body in half the time of old-school lasers. Even better? You won’t have to be slathered with gloppy gel beforehand which can be messy and cumbersome.

If you find pesky problem hair keeps popping up or you’ve had it with temporary hair removal options, AesthetiCare can help prevent hair from growing back in an area indefinitely. “Within a few short months and a few short treatments, unwanted hair will no longer be problematic,” says Taranto. “And did we mention there’s no downtime?” Plus, all of AesthetiCare’s lasers are operated their highly trained technicians.

From underarms to bikini area, anywhere there’s unwanted hair, laser hair removal can be used to greatly reduce or completely eliminate hair. “Since this was my first treatment, (they) talked me through everything beforehand and assured me throughout the process,” says Jennifer K., a client who’s experienced Clarity. “After one procedure I’ve seen reduced redness and bumps on my bikini line, which is exactly why I chose to do this. I’m very happy.”

Through March, AesthetiCare is having a “Smooth Summer Special”—where clients buy three Clarity sessions and get one free!* “You can save time, save money, and save yourself from complications,” says Taranto. “We’re proud to be one of the only med-spas in the Midwest to feature this one-of-a-kind technology.”

*Special valid on treatments of the same zone. Can pre-purchase with a limit of 2 per person. Only valid through the month of March, 2019. Learn more and check out all our specials here!

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