WIN for KC: Introducing Jackie Frost, Triathlete & Mentor

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(This is the first of a four-part series highlighting WIN for KC as they celebrate 25 years of empowering the lives of girls and women through advocating and promoting the lifetime value of sports and fitness.)

After four knee surgeries, marathon runner Jackie Frost thought her days of pounding the pavement were officially over. That is, until she discovered WIN (Women’s Intersport Network) for KC, which helped get her back on her feet—figuratively and literally. “WIN is an organization that allows women to find the power within themselves regardless of age to conquer their ambitions of dreams,” says Frost.

On her road to recovery, Frost discovered the WIN for KC Women’s Triathlon & Duathlon presented by Garmin might be just the ticket for getting back in her groove—ailments be damned. The support and encouragement she received along the way from WIN proved invaluable. “Once I hit submit, I was all in! I thought it was important to have accountability—so I put it all over social media.”

At the time, her only goal was—well, finishing. Participating in a triathlon was an “audacious thing for me,” says Frost, a regional account manager for Delta Dental. “But the kicker was that I did not know how to swim—so I went through the Blue Springs YMCA for private swim lessons,” says Frost. “My swim instructor? He was 15 years old. To be taught by someone half your age is a humbling experience.”

The first year, Frost flew solo. But by the time her second WIN for KC Triathlon rolled around, Frost’s galpals jumped on the bandwagon. It was all girl power, all the time. “And my friends and I all signed up together,” says Frost. “One was doing it for her 40th birthday. Some came and volunteered.” Now Frost is one of the biggest proponents of WIN for KC and all the amazing things they bring to the table. “I’ve seen young women learn leadership skills or new sports. I have seen single moms cross the finish line with no outside support. And I’ve seen grandmas that have had their grandbabies run across the finish line with them.”

Somewhere along the way Frost became a powerful mentor to nervous newbies who were scared of their own shadow, let alone competing in a swimming, biking, running extravaganza. Don’t come at her with any excuses. She’ll shoot them all down and build you up at the same time. “I have now had 13 surgeries,” says Frost. “And if I can get up every day and carry on and do that one hard thing every day, I can help you. Give me your excuse and I’ll find an alternate solution. Too old, too heavy, or too out of shape doesn’t work for me.”

Frost even joined the WIN for KC Triathlon advisory committee to ensure she could empower even more women. “WIN means success. Breaking down barriers and giving opportunities not found anywhere else,” says Frost. “I was moved to tears watching these women—some scared out of their minds—coming out of the water laughing saying, ‘Hey, I can do this.’ I was there—I see it first-hand.”

How deep is her dedication? Frost now refuses to cross the finish line until every single participant beats her to it. She volunteers to be the designated “last person” to ensure every woman who starts the race accomplishes their goal. Frost then launched in to a success story she deemed as her “favorite.” “Two years ago, the last person—well, she had bought shoes at a thrift store and they didn’t fit, so on the 5K, she had to walk barefoot,” says Frost. “She finished the race barefoot, carrying her tennis shoes with bloody feet. It was triumphant. She wanted to quit multiple times. I offered to take my shoes off and walk barefoot too. Stride by stride we met that line and finished it.”

Frost’s friend circle has blossomed over the years and now she has a slew of women she’s met through WIN for KC who have her best interest at heart—and vice versa. “The thing I didn’t expect from WIN was the relationships. I didn’t expect to gain new best friends,” laughs Frost. “The dedication and heart that goes into this event—it’s for no other reason than to see women succeed and find a new level of bad-assery in themselves.”

Intrigued? Anxious? Want to learn more? Frost and her girl power brigade are gunning for you. “If you have ever had a desire to do a triathlon, duathlon or 5K, then this is the race for you. Even if swimming is not your thing, we have an option for you,” she says. “Sign up and do it scared and we will help you with those tools you need to get to race day and get your medal. It is not a race. It doesn’t matter whether you are first or last, you are an athlete—and no one can take that away from you.”

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