Travis Kelce Loses His Beard, The World Loses Their Mind

Kelce (via DylanLoweNFL/Twitter)

According to the Twitterverse, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce did the unthinkable earlier this week.

He shaved off his iconic beard.

Yes, his face is nekkid.

Apparently, after sporting a mustache for a few days, the 31-year-old decided this week to shave his beard completely. (We get it. It’s hot out.) Once photos started trickling out, members of Chiefs Kingdom were quick to skewer the All-Pro’s new look.

Comments ranged from mildly hilarious to wildly hilarious:

“Travis Kelce really had a nice Hall of Fame career going there until he shaved his beard,” says @OMalTheAlleyCat.

“There goes Travis Kelce’s value. He lost all his swag and looks like a high school principal,” says @DraftDiamonds.

“Travis Kelce looks like Will Ferrell if Will Ferrell was playing Travis Kelce in a movie,” @DylanLoweNFL says.

Fortunately, the freshly shorn Kelce is a good sport about the hairless hullabaloo. Kelce took a clever swipe at himself by editing a selfie—complete with cartoon beard. The caption? “#NewProfilePic”

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