Look—Up In The Sky! Union Station’s New Artwork Is Starting To Take Shape

Photo credit: Roy Inman

As you read this, Union Station is putting the finishing touches on a striking, larger-than-life moving sculpture entitled Reflecting Motion. The glistening, floating artwork—which is being created by famed artist Patrick Shearn and his Poetics Kinetics team—will be unveiled at a party on May 18th and open to the public the following day. The installation has been creating buzz ever since it was announced last month. The mammoth, free-flowing, oval-shaped sculpture will cascade over the new Union Station green space—Haverty Family Yards—through mid-September.

We asked Shearn about his inspiration behind the silvery, sinuous outdoor art installation that’s almost the size of a football field.

Kansas City has never seen anything like this before. What should they expect/anticipate from Reflecting Motion?
“I find that my Skynet installations take many forms and impact those experiencing them in many ways depending on the wind conditions at any given time. I rig them to maximize their dynamic performance capability so they can really dance, which is dramatic and exciting. Even at rest, however, the smallest breeze will send soothing ripples through the entire surface.”

Where do you get your inspiration from for these elaborate pieces?
“I am inspired by the murmuration of birds, the schooling of fish, and the aurora borealis as it moves across the sky.”

Union Station is an iconic landmark in KC. How did that play in to your design?
“I love the contrast between the heavy masculine rigid building structure and the playful, elusive, feminine forms of the Skynet.”

There’s lots of noteworthy buzz about the upcoming unveiling here in the metro—including the Opening Celebration Party of May 18th. Thoughts?
“I am excited to interface with Quixotic and see what they dream up in connection with this piece. I love collaboration and I have had my admiring eye on them for a while.”

The artist—undercover.

I’ve heard bazillions of descriptions of your flowy, fluid works of art. Bottom line—how would you describe Reflecting Motion?
“I would say that my work needs to be experienced to be really understood. Reflecting Motion will be dramatic, engaging, and immersive. While I am sure it will be a selfie magnet, there is no way to capture the experience in a single image. I want people to open themselves up to all the senses, spend awhile without your screens, and check out what is really going on in the air around Union Station!”

For additional information or to purchase tickets to the opening celebration, visit www.reflectingmotion.com. #ReflectingMotionKC (Use promo code: INKC to receive special pricing.)

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