Local Lender Opens The Door For KC Homebuyers

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A new study reveals Kansas City is one of the most affordable places to live and buy a home. The report by Numbeo found KC ranks second in the country for the lowest cost to finance a home.

Those findings don’t surprise Nutter Home Loans, which has helped Kansas Citians achieve their dreams of homeownership for nearly 70-years. Nutter founded its business on a philosophy to help people from all walks of life afford a home, including women and minorities who qualified for loans but were often turned down by other lenders.

Nutter’s founder Jim Nutter, Sr. was a veteran. Nutter Home Loans has a heritage of honoring veterans. A Nutter co-hosted realtor event held at Growing Days with Tamara Day’s new store provided an opportunity to give to the Veterans Community Project.

“If a loan isn’t good for our customers, it isn’t good for us,” said CEO James B. Nutter Jr. “That’s an adage from our start and one we continue to follow today.”  Nutter reinforced its honor to do right when Nutter publicly stated on a national news program, before the 2008 subprime mortgage collapse, that they wouldn’t make subprime loans that weren’t good for anyone and put the country in a recession.

Nutter’s Cash Back Refinance Program helps families address their needs

Nutter is also an industry leader in refinancing home loans with their Nutter Cash Back Refinance program which helps families pay for home renovation projects and pay off other debts.

“With interest rates so low, our Nutter Cash Back Refinance program is ideal for families who’ve wanted to remodel a kitchen, bathrooms, and add a deck or more,” Nutter said. “Now is the time to do those projects that add home value. Our refinance program also puts money back into their pockets. And that’s money they can use to reduce their monthly expenses by paying off credit card debts and the like.”

Commitment to community

Helping customers save money on their home loans has been the key to building Nutter’s business, but many have been drawn to Nutter’s efforts to help make Kansas City a better community. Since its founding in 1951, Nutter has quietly donated to scores of charities and civic causes that improve the lives of others. Some of those organizations include the Veterans Community Project, Children’s Mercy Hospital, St. Luke’s Hospital, Harvesters Food Network, the YMCA, the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum and the revitalization of many neighborhoods and parks in the urban core. In addition to giving, Nutter employees have volunteered extensively with Habitat for Humanity to build homes for families in need of low-cost housing.

Outside Children’s Mercy Hospital, Nutter Home Loans worked with Variety Children’s Charity to update the Sybil Silkwood Nutter Playground for children with disabilities.

People and pets – Nutter helps connect

A lifelong animal lover, Nutter has long contributed to Wayside Waifs, a local no-kill shelter that helps find forever homes for pets that are up for adoption. Owning a pet while renting is often prohibited, so Nutter’s no-cost pre-approval letter can help renters become homeowners by helping them understand what they can afford and also show the seller that their offer is backed by confirmed financing. Often times, owning a home is more affordable than renting plus owning helps more people to take care of animals by adopting pets.

Jim Nutter and the team at Nutter Home Loans have a passion for pets. Helping people get into their first home often enables them to adopt pets and that brings smiles to everyone.

Giving back to educational causes lifts children and the community as a whole

Education has been a cornerstone of giving for Nutter Home Loans. The company is a longtime benefactor to many local educational institutions, including the Harry S. Truman Presidential Library, the Kansas City and Mid-Continent Public Libraries, as well as the UMKC Bloch School of Management, Kansas City Art Institute, and many other schools.  Nutter’s offices sit on a campus of century-old buildings that they’ve restored and saved, including the educational Nathan Scarritt House. The area, just outside of Westport, is appropriately called Nutterville.

Nutter has restored historic homes in Nutterville and aims to preserve history and educate from its gifts to such places as Harry S. Truman Library, Jackson County Historical Society, Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, and the National WWI Museum and Memorial.

“While our company serves customers in all 50 states, Kansas City is our hometown,” Nutter said. “At the end of the day, we want to make this community a better place to live, raise a family, and enjoy the benefits of owning a home. That’s our commitment and we’re proud of our history of offering competitive rates and doing what is right.”





Not a commitment to lend. Loans available to qualified borrowers.  James B. Nutter & Company DBA Nutter Home Loans NMLS# 2067 4153 Broadway, KCMO, 64111

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