Local Crisis Staffing Company Overwhelmed With Requests For Medical Professionals in U.S. Hotspots

Krucial Staffing in Overland Park has been going nonstop over the last couple of weeks trying to get in-demand healthcare pros to some of the nation’s coronavirus hotspots. The company—which specializes in staffing of crisis response situations such as tornadoes, floods, and hurricanes—also provides qualified personnel for healthcare, nonprofits, or any type of organization that has a need.

A photo of Krucial nurses from five different states now in NYC

“We have the unique ability to provide immediate assistance by quickly deploying large volumes of staff to hot-spot cities such as New York and New Orleans, but what makes this situation unique is the unknown of if there will be additional cities that will need our support in the future to combat COVID-19,” says CEO Brian Cleary.

SWA flight filled with healthcare workers in the fight against COVID-19

The numbers are staggering—and it’s not projected to let up any time soon. “The volume of requests has been extraordinary for a variety of disciplines, including physicians assistants, registered nurses, pharmacy technicians, respiratory therapists and EMT’s,” says Cleary. “Over the last two weeks we’ve deployed more than 4,000 medical personnel and received over 200,000 employment inquiries to our call center.”

Because of the sheer number of requests, the company is changing their model to meet demand. “Interested candidates typically apply on our website, but because of COVID-19, we set up a first-come, first-serve hotline to increase the efficiency of recruitment,” says Cleary.

It’s no small feat for medical professionals, who are well-paid, but are also required to work 12-hour shifts three weeks in a row on the front lines, all while being exposed to the virus. But the sooner Krucial Staffing has these heroes saving lives in the hospitals and mobile testing sites of The Big Apple and The Big Easy, the faster those cities can stem the tide of coronavirus.

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