Headed to Miami? Here Are a Few Pointers

Former 41 Action News anchor Rhiannon Ally knows a thing or two about quickly getting acclimated to Miami. The Kansas City native and UMKC grad lived in Miami for a few years while anchoring at the local CBS affiliate.

Ally (with husband Mike Marza) and son Roman at his first NFL game Chiefs vs. Dolphins (Fall 2014)

Of course, Ally is ecstatic about rooting for her beloved Chiefs in the Super Bowl, but she has a few things Kansas Citians need to know before touching down in Miami. Here’s a handful of insightful tips she shared with us:

10) There’s a lot more to Miami than South Beach. “There’s so much more to South Florida than South Beach. Yes, the parties, restaurants, and events will mainly be in South Beach, but check out some of the other cool areas—like Wynwood! An area where the art scene mixes with eclectic nightlife and Surfside is a cute neighborhood. Coral Gables is a lovely neighborhood to drive around. Check out the Biltmore Hotel while you’re there. It’s beautiful. (PS. The game will be played in Miami Gardens.)”

9) Spend some time people-watching on Lincoln Road. “It’s a fun outdoor stretch of shops and restaurants. And although most of the mom and pops have been replaced by chains, it’s a still a fun place to grab a bite or cocktail and people-watch.”

8) OMG! The traffic is horrendous and the drivers …“You’ve been warned.”

7) Shorts and flip-flops? Maybe. But bring a jacket in February. “Hopefully the weather will be perfect, in the 70s. But expect people to be in winter coats and Uggs if temps dip below 50 degrees. And if there’s a cold snap, iguanas will fall out of trees. Google it.”

6) Miami is the ultimate melting pot. “Embrace its culture. Don’t shun the people talking to you with accents or in Spanish. Instead ask them the best place to get comida (read that: food).”

5) Go to Little Havana. Eat. Walk around. “It’s the best Cuban food you’ll get in the U.S. Period. Try the guava pastelitos! My personal favorite? Vaca Frita. And don’t forget the cafecito! Cuban coffee is amazing.”

4) Brace yourself—the sunsets are incredible! “My advice? Grab a table at Monty’s in South Beach or somewhere else on the bayside and enjoy! And if you’re an early bird, the sunrise from the beaches are incredible.”

Drunken Dragon offers up killer Korean nosh

3) The best food in Miami Beach is not on Ocean Drive! “Do not miss Joe’s Stone Crab, Drunken Dragon, Balans. Grab a drink and enjoy the view at Juvia. My absolute favorite brunch spot is in Wynwood at Morgan’s—their BLT and house-made sticky buns are to die for. To. Die. For.”

2) Sunscreen, people! “Repeat, sunscreen. Apply liberally and often. The Florida sun can be very sneaky.”

1) Get ready to spend some coin! “If you think tickets to the game are expensive, wait until you see the prices of hotels and drinks. Save your pennies. Or take out a loan. Or both.”