A Letter From Our Editor

Two years ago, when we launched our magazine and digital media company to provide our community with first-class city and lifestyle journalism, we knew it would be a challenge, given the evolving media landscape. However, the COVID-19 pandemic and our mutual struggle to deal with the rapidly changing news environment gives our commitment to our readers and our advertisers a new urgency.

We hope you’ll agree that we produce thought-provoking content, from long-form journalism to interviews with prominent Kansas Citians to exceptional home and fashion photography. We don’t define ourselves as a hard-news organization, there are other local outlets for that.


Yet in these uncertain times, we view it as our obligation at inkansascity.com and our social media to provide relevant, useful, not-to-miss coverage about this pandemic and its effects on our community. We’ve invited experts in their fields to write about important issues such as what to tell the children or how to work from home. We also offer a “lighter side” look at dealing with the strains of social distancing and shelter-in-place orders. The ability to laugh during this time shouldn’t be underrated. It’s our plan to continue tackling these issues as long as necessary. But we also will continue to provide the kind of content for which we’re known.

Our April issue went to press as the news about the coronavirus was breaking, so you’ll find no coverage of it in those pages. As I suggested in my April Editor’s Note, at the very least, it can be looked at as a welcoming respite from our new normal. However, in our May issue, we are planning extensive coverage of how the pandemic and the stay-at-home orders affect the new realities of local businesses, arts organizations, and our readers. But not to worry, we still will feature the stories for which our readers look to us—including inspirational homes, intriguing interviews and think pieces about our Kansas City community.

IN Kansas City is here to support our local businesses and non-profits and help our readers navigate the challenges of this new normal. These are the most trying times many of us have ever encountered, but Kansas Citians have an amazing ability to pull together. Now is the time to do it.

Please feel free to email me at zloy@inkansascity.com with any comments or concerns.