Your Home As Your Castle: Five Reasons Why Now Is the Time for a Custom Remodel

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Has the comfort and refuge of home taken on a new and deeper meaning for anyone else throughout the last few years? 

“So many of us are spending more time at home, and it ultimately comes to this: Regardless of what happens outside of your home, outside of your bubble, you need to make your home the most enjoyable, inspiring place it can be,” says Karin Ross, the owner of Karin Ross Designs

Consider the oft-used English proverb by Sir Edward Coke, dating back to the 1500s: “An Englishman’s home is his castle.” As the saying made its way across the pond, it morphed into “A man’s home is his castle.” Today, a more inclusive version resonates even more powerfully: “A person’s home is their castle.” 

Linguistic evolution aside, why should you invest in a custom remodel to transform your home into your own personal palace? When you consider external factors, such as rapidly changing market conditions and rising prices, it might seem like an extensive home update can wait. Yet it’s these same conditions—and other factors—that make this not only a favorable time to update your home, but the perfect time to move forward. Here’s why:

Five Reasons to Make Your Home Your Castle

1) Daily inspiration: Imagine waking up and being excited for the day ahead and the possibilities it brings. Ross specializes in kitchen- and bathroom-focused custom remodels and says creating a space you’ve always dreamed of is the equivalent of falling in love every day. 

“Who doesn’t want to fall in love over and over? It’s such a beautiful feeling,” she adds. 

2) Increased home value: These days, it’s more than a little comforting to know you can make an investment that will see a worthwhile return. That’s one of the many advantages of working with Ross on a custom home remodel, which is much more involved than an at-home face lift. 

“When we work together to remodel your space, we won’t just change how it looks; we’ll also change the flow and how the space is used,” Ross says. “This is something you can invest in now and bank on later. Plus, a home remodel is less daunting than custom-building a new home because you’re only focusing on one area, rather than the entire floor plan.”

3) Embrace the true meaning of custom: In the home interiors industry especially, “custom” is one of those words that’s used so often it’s lost the impact of its original meaning. 

When Ross and her team approach a custom remodel, they factor in both function and form: how a space flows, how it’s used (or could be used), how it should look, how it should feel. 

Delivering that top-to-bottom transformation requires a meticulous attention to detail. For Ross, that means approaching each project inch-by-inch, corner-by-corner, intricately weaving together individual elements of the space to create a show-stopping finished product.

4) Timeless, not trendy: If you prefer to infuse your home interior with the latest trends, just as you would your wardrobe, go for it! There’s no one better than Ross to ensure you’re not only following trends, but that you’re setting them, thanks to her Eastern European heritage and penchant for knowing what will be in style long before it hits the States. 

After understanding your vision, Ross can also ensure you’re not inadvertently putting an expiration date on your home remodel. 

“I work with clients to help them look forward so that the end result is inspiring and energizing for years, not months,” she says. “Sometimes that means relinquishing a bit of control over to me, but that’s why I keep such an unwavering focus on understanding the client and building trust.”

5) Personality, passions, panache—all in one place: One of the many reasons that Ross prefers to focus her transformative interior work in the kitchen is because it’s the heart of the home, the natural gathering spot.

“Because your kitchen is so central to your home, it needs to truly represent your essence, another reason a custom remodel is so important,” Ross says. 

What do you love? Dream about? Crave? Covet? All these things (and more!) can provide compelling inspiration for your custom home update. Let’s say, for example, you have a beloved travel destination, or maybe even a particular restaurant or other place in that far-flung city. Why not incorporate elements of that place so that, instead of counting the days (or months) until you visit again, you can enjoy the essence of that destination as part of your daily life? 

Leaning more into what you love is also more effective than trend-sourcing, says Ross. Right now, the industry isn’t necessarily swayed by one trend or another, instead opting to keep the focus on an individual client and embracing the true meaning of custom. For Ross, the approach is clear:

“We want this new space to speak to your heart,” she says. “We’ll identify what your heart wishes within the parameters of your budget, and then, let me work my magic.”

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