The Latest Crop of Gardening Books, All New This Year

Fearless Gardening: Be Bold, Break the Rules and Grow What You Love
by Loree Bohl (Timber Press)

Bohl, who is behind the blog The Danger Garden, has zone-busting ideas and grows what she wants in her own inspiring garden, including “agaves that shrug off ice storms, palms that thrive in the rain and planting risks that are beautifully rewarded.”

The Flower Yard: Growing Flamboyant Flowers in Containers
by Arthur Parkinson(Kyle Books)

Available this month, Parkinson shows how he’s grown a flower-filled jungle in pots in the city. “The plants act like drapes, closing gently as their growth engulfs the front door, from either side of the path, to the buzz of precious bees.”

A Year Full of Flowers: Gardening for All Seasons
by Sarah Raven (Bloomsbury USA)

Available on Kindle and in print in June, this book shows “the hundreds of hardworking varieties that make the garden sing each month, together with the practical tasks that ensure everything is planted, staked, and pruned at just the right time.” Raven shows roses that flower through winter, long-lasting tulips, and how to grow sweet peas up a teepee.

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