Shopping for Your Man? Forget the Lawn and Garden Aisle and Cozy Up

While much of Valentine’s Day seems focused on women, in my experience there are plenty of men with romantic spirits. Fortunately, Ulah, the urban-feeling retreat in Westwood, caters to men with an elevated aesthetic, and their wares are not limited to apparel. Ulah gives “lounge wear” a whole new spin with home design services and products. They make it easy to kick your shoes off and cuddle up with a good book, a cocktail, and your favorite fella.

Modern Architecture A-Z (Taschen), and $20. Foxtrot leather coasters, $19.
Four Hands chevron 8’x10’ beige rug, $950, and W&P Peak Ice Works extra-large ice cube tray, $14.
Custom Elliot coffee table in Calacatta quartz and solid walnut, $5,999.99
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