Green is the Color For 2022

Every year many of the major paint manufacturers release a “color of the year.” For 2022, Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams, Behr, and PPG all chose light, earthy, and complex shades of green.

Traditionally, green is considered a color of life, of tranquility, harmony, and rebirth. In the midst of a global pandemic that we can’t seem to kick, a little serenity would go a long way. That said, the muddiness of these selections makes me wonder if the color mystics are hopeful but wary. 

Benjamin Moore suggests we “make room for creativity with October Mist,” a gentle color that encourages individual expression. I’m not sure about your house, but my home has been full-up with individual expression, though a little gentleness sounds lovely. 

Sherwin-Williams does not wax poetic on Evergreen Fog but pairs it with Neutral Ground, another paint in the collection. My family would tell you that I had a serious case of Evergreen Fog this time last year and am craving a more harmonic Neutral Ground. Here’s hoping this is a good omen.

The copy for Behr’s Breezeway notes “peace and tranquility for forward movement.” I think we can agree that all three—peace, tranquility, and forward movement—would be welcome. 

The name of PPG’s Olive Sprig denotes the new growth of peace. Like the color or not, we could use a big swath of that.