Four Ways to Create a Home Office That’s Functional and Inviting

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Whether your home office is a cleared-off corner of the kitchen table, your couch or a fully dedicated space, chances are it could use a little TLC. After all, home offices are getting more use than ever. And with some thoughtful upgrades, you can easily turn your workspace into a hub of productivity. Watch out, to-do list!

The talented designers at California Closets Kansas City are no strangers to transforming cluttered spaces into effortlessly organized oases. More than ever, they’re putting an emphasis on home offices, including introducing new customizable and modular products that can enhance a variety of spaces.

But where to start? Gwen Humerickhouse, a designer with California Closets Kansas City, shares four ways to make your home office a productive and welcoming retreat, no matter where it’s located in your house.

How to Make Your Home Office Work Smarter and Look Better

1) Pick the right chair and desk. The key word here, Humerickhouse says, is ergonomics.

“It’s so important to ensure that your office area works for you, and that includes having the right seating and desk,” she says. “If you’re like me and you’re 5’10,” you’ll need a different set-up than if you’re 5’4”.”

Creating an ergonomically adapted office is even more important if you share the space, whether with a partner, kids or both. In that instance, adjustable desks or surfaces offer easy versatility for multiple occupants.

2) Stash your stuff. One of Humerickhouse’s favorite new solutions is a charging drawer, which gives you the convenience of a charging station while also hiding devices out of sight.

Additional drawers, cubbies and other storage solutions can help keep offices, play areas and at-home classrooms tidy, especially important if your office is in an open or otherwise high traffic area.

“Giving both kids and adults a place to store their things not only keeps the area neater; it also helps create a physical separation between work and home space,” Humerickhouse says. “Installing the proper storage brings organization to an otherwise chaotic time.”

3) Consider multipurpose spaces. Not every home has an extra room available for office space. Or, if a flex room or office is available, that prized space may need to serve several purposes, especially during this time of mostly remote living. Humerickhouse and her colleagues at California Closets are up for the design challenge.

“I love the challenge of working with multipurpose spaces,” she says. “For example, I worked with two doctors that worked separate shifts. We installed a wall bed in their home office so that they could each enjoy uninterrupted sleep, no matter the time of day.”

4) Don’t skimp on style. One of the many advantages to a home office is that you can channel your preferred home décor as you pick colors, furnishings and accessories. Or go in a different direction and try a completely different interior style, especially if you have an entire room to work with.

When you select furnishings and finishes from California Closets, those pieces are then built to fit your space. Sure, you can opt for the convenience of modular, ready-to-install pieces, such as those available in the Martha Stewart + California Closets collection, which includes home office selections. Or create a custom space with the help of a designer like Humerickhouse and ensure that you have all of the pieces you need—desk, shelving, storage, and seating—that make your home office a place that’s as comfortable and stylish as it is functional.

Here’s an idea: browse the California Closets website for home office design ideas ranging from a cozy workspace tucked under a staircase to a sleek productivity hub infused with an industrial aesthetic.

Then, schedule a free consultation with a designer, which can include an appointment to visit one of California Closets’ two local showrooms in Overland Park or Briarcliff for an up-close look at options and accessories.

Plus, this month you can take advantage of California Closets’ current promotion, the Autumn Upgrade Event. Save up to 15% when you upgrade to a premium finish, available until October 31, 2020.

There’s no denying that this year has changed the way a lot of us work. But it’s also presented a prime opportunity to give yourself an office area that truly works for you and your home, no matter your style, budget or space configuration.

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