Five Reasons to Hire a Luxury Remodeler to Create Your Dream Kitchen

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You’ve scoured your favorite home design magazines, Pinterest, maybe even movies (especially anything directed by Nancy Meyers). After all of this thoughtful research, you’re ready to bring your dream kitchen to life. Just think of the dinner parties you can host! The holidays! Or elevating your daily routines: curling up in a plush velvet banquette with your morning coffee, for example. 

There’s one pressing question that remains: who will bring your vision to life? Amid all of your options, there’s a clear winner: Karin Ross, a luxury home remodeler that specializes in transformational kitchens. Here are five reasons why. 

Five Advantages of Enlisting a Luxury Remodeler

1. Specialized skills are invaluable. In today’s turbulent real estate market, new home construction is slowing. And that’s resulted in some homebuilders pivoting to a focus on remodeling. Depending on your particular vision, that might not be the best fit compared to working with someone who’s solely focused on remodeling, understands the ins and outs of the trade, and also specializes in kitchens, thereby delivering maximum quality and impact. 

“When you invest in a project like this, you should get what you want — your dream kitchen — without shortcuts or compromising your vision,” says Karin Ross, owner, Karin Ross Designs. “The kitchens I create make an emotional impact. Clients say, ‘I have tingles in my stomach because this is what I’ve always dreamed of, and I got it.” 

Ross compares custom luxury remodeling to creating a priceless piece of art: knowing the materials to select and how they work together, both individually and throughout the canvas (the kitchen) to culminate in a show-stopping masterpiece. 

2. Pay attention to pricing. Most new home construction is priced per square foot. When you transfer that pricing model to a custom kitchen remodel, that sort of blanket pricing can be deceiving in terms of what you pay for and what you get. 

For example, prices per square foot will likely limit the materials you can use, locking you into a more generic range of fixtures and finishes. Instead, a luxury remodeler like Ross will help guide you through the finest flooring, tiles, lighting, appliances, and more, so that you truly get the best (and most long-lasting) value from your investment.

3. The allure of a custom creation. Think of how it would feel to bring friends and family into your gleaming new kitchen and say, “No other kitchen like this exists. It was created just for me.”

Exclusivity, after all, is alluring. And when it comes to something as personal and defining as your home, there’s no reason you shouldn’t have exactly what you want, especially in a space as frequently used and enjoyed as the kitchen. 

“It’s a privilege to me to be able to hear someone’s dream, then use my design background to not only fine-tune that vision, but to also create the plan that brings the vision to life,” Ross says. 

4. A deep bench eases the process. A focused remodeler like Ross brings a large and knowledgeable full-service, in-house construction and design team to each project. The ability to offer both of those services in one place—rather than fragment them between numerous contractors—results in a better, more efficient client experience. 

“I can oversee both types of work at the same time and ensure that the initial plans we create are built as intended,” she says. 

And given current challenges in some segments of interior-focused supply chains, a full-service team like Ross’s helps clients more easily navigate unforeseen challenges and avoid unexpected delays, a crucial benefit when you’re anxious to adhere to a previously agreed-upon schedule.

5. Revel in a new standard of luxury. The pursuit of luxury may seem omnipresent these days, meant to set a new standard in everything from skincare to automobiles. 

When infusing luxury into a home remodeling project, Ross looks beyond price tags and instead embraces not only what luxury is, but also how it makes a client feel. 

“Luxury is a complete vision, combining details with creativity to create an elegant result,” she says. “When I’ve finished a kitchen, I’ve changed the flow of the home and also changed how the client perceives their home. They feel like they’re in a luxurious place because it looks and functions as it didn’t before.”

Understanding luxury as a guiding concept, not merely a splashy attribute, helps Ross create interior spaces that evoke emotion. Luxury can certainly help guide the evolution of a visual aesthetic, but lasting satisfaction comes with a true connection to the end result.

“When you get the kitchen you’ve dreamed of, it’s a space that makes you happy—and that’s priceless,” Ross says.  

A natural next step, now that you have more details about the benefits of working with a luxury remodeler? Schedule a free consultation and see firsthand how Ross and her team approach a kitchen transformation. Whether you have every detail of your vision finalized or you’re not sure where to start, Ross will take the time to understand you, your lifestyle, your dreams for your home and much more. Visit the Karin Ross Designs website and move one step closer to bringing your ultimate kitchen to life.