Decorating With Throw Pillows

The Territory Design pillow covers from Golden & Pine (Prairie Village Shops) are made with 100% organic wool.

Like many of us, I have a polyamorous commitment to throw pillows. One is OK, but two or three are always better. There are so many colors, textures, and materials to choose from, and different ones help instantly elevate not just a sofa but an entire space.

However, I’m also fairly minimal. I keep seasonal décor to a few carefully selected pieces and don’t like possessing an excess of anything I need to switch out and put in storage for half a year—especially something as bulky as pillows!

Lucky for all of us throw-pillow lovers, you can truly have it all without amassing an overgrown harem. Bright and neutral colors. Velvet and linen. Bold pattern and solid backgrounds.

Here are two ways:

The Kisaan pillow cover from Amethyst Home (Park Place) is made with hand-spun organic cotton and natural dye.

Forms and covers. You can store the covers somewhat flat so you can easily switch out by season. Chunky, cozy knits for fall and winter; breezy, crisp cotton for spring and summer.

Berlingot decorative pillows at Terrasi Living & Scandia Home (Country Club Plaza) are a bright-colored velvet on one side, natural linen on the oth

Reversible. This is my preferred option because it’s easy and efficient. Just simply switch sides et voila. Instant new look!

Blu Dot felt pillows at come in seven fetching color combinations offset with a contrasting piping detail.
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