Counter-Worthy Coffee Makers

My family will tell you that I loathe a cluttered kitchen counter. As I am not much of a cook, I don’t need to have tools and appliances at the ready, because I don’t use them. Coffee is another matter. Coffee is essential, and it’s better still if the path from groggy morning fumbling to a hot, delicious cup of instant energy is a quick and easy one.

The answer is a coffee maker that is easy on the eye. Fortunately, my fiancé is a chef with excellent taste and a love of gadgets, and one day the box that he unloaded contained the Moccamaster by Technivorm. At first it seemed a little, well, big, but I’ve come to love its retro chemistry lab look and the java it produces. That said, I still have great respect for the look of a good stovetop brewer.

Moccamaster by Technivorm thermal coffeemaker, $329.95, available at Williams Sonoma.

Chemex, $46.50, available at The Roasterie Factory & Headquarters.

Primula stovetop espresso maker, $39.97, available at Function Junction.

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