Contemplating a Kitchen or Bathroom Update? Don’t Wait—and Here’s Why

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The devastating pandemic brought with it many lessons, including this: don’t wait to fulfill your dreams.

For many homeowners, those dreams include updating their kitchens and/or bathrooms. And despite some pandemic-related fluctuations in various construction-related industries and supply chains, Karin Ross, owner of Karin Ross Designs, says now really is the best time to move forward with your at-home transformation.

“We’ve seen pricing changes not only for large items like appliances, but also smaller, necessary items like bolts and glue,” Ross says. “The more quickly you can start your kitchen or bathroom update, the better position you’ll be in.”

As you start to shape your home renovation vision, you’ll likely identify a total project budget that will help guide your decision-making. Along with specifying the total investment you want to make, Ross recommends answering another key question: Where do you want to splurge the most?

“Think about the area of your home that’s most important to you — is it the kitchen? The bathroom? Then you can focus on that area and making sure the update is done right,” Ross says.

It might be tempting, especially in the age of Pinterest, HGTV, and so many home interior-focused retail and hardware businesses, to go the DIY route. Yet when you enlist the help of a professional like Ross and her talented design-build team, you get so much more value than you initially realized.

Here’s one example. Ross, who moved to the United States from eastern Europe, not only has a knack for understanding and using home interior trends—she’s always far ahead of the curve, introducing colors, textures, and finishes that you’ll see splashed across the pages of home interior magazines months later.

It’s that unwavering creativity, along with an eye for the smallest of details, that has made Ross and her team a go-to choice for a variety of clients, including high-profile members of the building industry.

“I worked with a client who’s well-known for flipping homes,” Ross says. “When he wanted to remodel his own home, his wife said she wanted something different. When I shared my vision with them, he said I took him into dimensions he didn’t even know existed! We provided design and construction for the project, and when we were done, his wife said it was exactly what she wanted.”

Here’s another reason to start your home update sooner rather than later—timing. Ross says she and her team continue to see some supply delays, especially in appliances and cabinetry. For a home interior project to be complete by next spring, Ross says it’s important to start the process now.

“Allowing extra time gives the design-build team an opportunity to work the way they should by keeping a focus on quality,” Ross says.

Plus, in the case of a supply shortage, Ross can recommend comparable alternatives to help keep the timeline moving forward while also staying true to the project vision, another benefit of enlisting the help of a professional.

And just think: that project vision can be so much better than you dreamed it would be. Ross understands that any sort of home update is an investment—and it’s a responsibility she takes to heart.

“I want you to be happy, which is why I pour my soul into the project,” she says. “If you want to have a truly unique home and approach, especially with European flair, I’m as authentic as it gets.”

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