Bold and Classic Throws that Will Give You Another Excuse to Cuddle Up

Not that we need another reason to cuddle up, but Karrie Dean’s Happy Habitat throws are a nice excuse. Dean designs bold and classic patterns that provide as much stylish impact to a room as creature comfort to its inhabitants.

“These designs really come from the gut,” she says. “I feel colors and I want to play with them.”

There’s no doubt that these throws look like fun. There are “mini” sizes that work great for kids, or the regular size which works perfect for an adult or two, depending on how close you want to be.

“I’m not a designer by training,” says Dean. “But I’ll see a space and wonder what would pop there. Mostly I’m just playing with color. The end result is never what you think it’s going to be.”

Happy Habitat throws, which are available in cotton, wool, and a pretty dreamy alpaca, are available online and at The Little House in Fairway, Coveted Home on the Plaza and local Made in KC locations.



Left: Inspired by vintage Swiss Army wool blankets, touches of orange, including saddlestitched edging, add drama to this Bobo Intriguing Objects throw.  SID & Co. (1812 West 45th St.)

Middle: As cozy as your favorite cable-knit sweater, wrap yourself up in a 100 percent cotton throw from Creative Co-op on winter’s coldest days. Spruce Home (2515 Somerset Dr.)

Right: Fluffy llamas playfully frolic across this knit 100 percent cotton Shiraleah throw perfect for a nursery—or for grownups too.  Webster House (1644 Wyandotte St.)

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