Amid Pandemic Challenges, Interior Designer Takes Creativity to a New Level

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Interior designer Karin Ross, owner of Karin Ross Designs, always infuses her work with creativity: vibrant pops of color, unexpected patterns and textures or timeless materials used in modern ways.

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ross and her team have embraced another type of creativity—the ability to be flexible, nimble and always ready with a back-up plan.

“Pandemic conditions have made my work harder because of missing items like darker colored paint,” Ross says. “It’s recommended now to order in advance, or we may have to visit multiple locations to source what we need.”

These product-related challenges are even more inopportune considering that more people than ever are opting to invest in home renovation or design projects. Ross has seen this with a number of her clients, especially as some people find themselves currently unable to pursue other interests, such as travel.

Instead, those funds can be invested in the home. Since many people are spending more time in their homes—and seeing their living spaces transform into offices and classrooms—they have a better understanding of what their homes might be lacking.

“Explore all of the possibilities and take a lifestyle approach to your space,” Ross says. “What are all of the functions that your home needs to provide?”

This is also a prime time of year for a healthy dose of optimism. Ross, like many people, is hopeful for what she calls “a normal Christmas,” complete with gatherings of friends and family. At-home entertaining calls for a beautiful, functional and spacious kitchen, and Ross is ready to bring your culinary and hosting dreams to life.

“Now is the time to be planning if you want a new kitchen ready for the holidays,” she says. “We’re going to take the time needed to make sure it’s a masterpiece.”

As you consider how Ross can make your home the space you’ve always coveted, keep her creativity and flexibility in mind—and, better yet, follow her lead. Ross and her team may recommend alternative products or colors, depending on material shortages and other factors. Rest assured, however, that despite any challenges, the finished product will be nothing short of fantastic.

“We’re doing the best we can with the conditions that we’re operating in,” Ross says. “But we’re committed to making sure the result is beautiful, no matter what we need to do.”

Not everyone can thrive in these sorts of circumstances, but Ross has seized the opportunity to push her creativity. That might include creating an alternate plan to present to clients or adapting to small changes in her typical workflow—using paint chips to determine colors instead of hard-to-find paint samples, for example. Her team has quickly adapted to meeting safety protocols, including masks and frequent disinfection.

Current circumstances may be different, but Ross’s unwavering commitment to client satisfaction remains a constant. And regardless of the project specifics, Ross delivers a finished space that makes each client feel good.

“We want to incorporate elements that help each client focus on the future and feel excited about where they live,” she says.

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