Add a Bit of Blush

While it might not be original to “think pink” in February, it can be fun

Blush pink champagne coupes, $16 each.

You may shy away from rosy hues as they can be a bit cloying, but entertaining can benefit from a bit of blush, such as reflected in these items from Jorjy in Brookside. Why not toast your sweetheart or your bestie with pink champagne coupes that you’re sure to pull out again and again? (Everyday can be a celebration, after all.) A brass ice bucket will add a warm glow to your bar and doesn’t need to wait for a celebration.

Winsford antique-brass ice bucket, $148.
Midcentury double old-fashioned glass, $15.

Prefer to mix it up? A luminescent double old fashioned is the perfect glass for a negroni by the fire, or get right to the point with a high-end tequila that you can sip—or shoot—from a frosty shot glass.

Rose Marshmallow Pacifica bread plate, $11.

It is important to provide a bit of sustenance to ensure your party remains at the table and not under the table. Purchasing a large number of small plates means you can accommodate a crowd big or small.

Invited rather than inviting? Slip a great bottle of pink bubbles in a jaunty striped bag that your host or hostess can use again.

Cotton striped win bags, $9 each.



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