Q39 Is Amping Up For The Holidays With An Inspired New Catering Menu

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Just when you thought Q39 couldn’t up the ante any further, they just released their mouth-watering new holiday catering menu.

We know, we know—it’s not even Halloween yet, but chef/owner Rob Magee simply couldn’t wait to unleash some of his newly perfected dishes. “The holidays are right around the corner, and we have a special menu that we’ve created this season,” Magee says. “Imagine our normal holiday favorites—like smoked turkey and hickory-smoked brisket—but we’re giving them all a fun, holiday twist.”

Brace yourself, Kansas City.

If there’s one thing Magee and his team know how to do, it’s accessorize their famous hickory-smoked brisket, and smoked turkey. They’ve whipped up the perfect seasonal accoutrements to entice you“Don’t even get me started on the new horseradish cream sauce we introduced alongside the brisket,” he says. “It’s a thing of beauty.” (We tried it. And we’d bathe in it if we could.) “And we have a homemade cranberry chutney that pairs well with our smoked turkey. Mine is heavy on the orange.”

Don’t look now, but if you want Q39 to cater your upcoming holiday bash—and who doesn’t, really?—you’d better check the calendar. Not shockingly, they’re seeing a flood of scheduled Christmas parties and corporate holiday events. “We can cater any size event; we don’t have any quantity limitations,” says Shannon Burchett, the director of sales and catering. “Challenge us. We’ve done huge corporate holiday parties where we serve everything from our chipotle sausage to our brisket sliders to our ribs. Each is a crowd favorite. Together, they’re even better.”

Magee is eager for people to try his new offerings—such as sautéed green beans with bacon and onions and garlic whipped potatoes. “And since everyone loves our mac and cheese, you’ll need that for sure,” he says.

Over the last year, Q39 has elevated their catering business. Something must be working. Their Overland Park location, for instance, has seen a nearly 75 % spike in catered events. And yet, somehow, some folks still don’t realize Q39 can bring the party to you. “We have a built-in, separate, full-service catering staff,” says Burchett. “We’ll gladly tend to the buffet and clean up afterwards. People don’t have to worry about anything at their event. We’ll do everything from china to linens to event planning.”

Magee agrees wholeheartedly. “Let us do the work—that’s what I always say. Why slave in the kitchen when we can do everything for you?” he asks. “But if you’re thinking about scheduling a holiday party, get on that now. Once it’s on the books, you’re good to go. We’ll take care of the rest.”

And fortunately, because Magee’s tantalizing menu is so extensive, your options have options. “I’m more than willing to customize any menu,” says Burchett. “We’ve got lunch-specific, dinner-specific and happy hour-specific menus. You want all appetizers? Done!”

Even more noteworthy? Burchett says Q39 will gladly cater to any sort of dietary restriction. “We have gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian options. Our goal is to elevate our catering to not-so-standard fare,” she says. “Think more upscale.”

The most popular thing on the menu? “Our brisket speaks for itself. The brisket dip on our menu is one of our most popular dishes,” Magee says. “But listen, you don’t have to go super hardcore barbecue. We do an amazing grilled salmon. We’ll weave our cuisine in and out to fit your catering needs.”

Want to throw a party at Q39? Their Midtown location offers a Blue Ribbon room that can easily accommodate up to 50 guests. “There’s a built-in buffet that makes it convenient,” says Burchett. “The hard part is picking from our extensive menu.”

And if all goes well, Magee says, by the time you read this Q39 should be offering online ordering—mind you, not for delivery or special events.

So if you’re reading this while you’re shopping for your kid’s Halloween costume, well, ‘tis the season. But if you’re thinking about having Q39 help you throw a successful holiday event or corporate shindig; you’d better get started. “We want to be the ones to help you cater your next holiday event, simple as that,” says Burchett. “But the time to plan is now, please.”