Northland Bakery Offers Authentic Bosnian Pastries, Cakes, and Burek

In Bosnia, if you want to catch a husband, you must first know how to make burek. After sampling both the meat- and cheese-filled versions of the spiral-shaped pastry snack, I can see why. I was prepared to propose to the owner of Burek & Cake after only a couple of bites of this tasty treat. Located in the Northland, the bakery specializes in both European-style cakes and traditional Bosnian snacks and sweets, such as tulumba, fried doughnuts soaked in simple syrup; hurmasice, a soft biscuit made with coconut or walnuts; baklava, which comes packed with nuts and covered in sticky syrup; and ruske kape (translated means Russian hats), and the tall, but small circular cakes do resemble just that but topped with chocolate, rolled in coconut, and filled with custard. Located in a charming cottage that sits next to a building that is simply called the “European Store” (a shopping destination all on its own). Both are owned by Senaid Hodzic and his wife, Fatima, who began baking special-occasion cakes for friends and neighbors in the Bosnian community for extra money during the pandemic. She says YouTube taught her everything she knows, and soon her cottage cake business was too big to manage at home with four kids. After working for over a year on the building and acquiring the right equipment, they opened last November and have enjoyed steady traffic from the Bosnian community during opening hours Thursday through Sunday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. 

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