Impulse Purchase of the Week – 4/1

It’s been nearly two years since Frank and Alison Lalumia started Coffee Cats Roasting Company. “As coffee lovers, we have thoroughly enjoyed making coffee our full-time business,” Frank says. “Leaning on my experience as a chef of 15 years, we certainly understand the importance of freshness, quality, and technique. That’s why we source the best handpicked coffee beans and meticulously roast each micro-batch locally, here in KC.”

The Blue Springs roaster’s newest blend—the aptly named Coffee Shop Roast—is a bonafide hit. ($7.99) “We created a blend that is excellent in a standard home coffee brewer, but is also an amazing option for those who utilize home espresso machines for lattes, cappuccinos, and others,” says Frank. “This blend has many of the best tasting attributes in the coffee world. Coffee Shop Roast is well balanced with low acidity, a mild, fruity mouthfeel, and a smooth, nutty finish.”

You can find Coffee Cats in most local Hy-Vee stores and some Price Chopper stores as well. “We love to hear from other coffee lovers! Feel free to contact us at or through Facebook at Coffee Cats Roasting Co.,” says Frank.