Kansas City’s Best Spots to Dine on Dumplings


A Westport-based gyoza bar featuring Taiwanese street-food creations by Katie Liu-Sung, Chewology has some of the best dumplings in the city. We love the pork and cabbage dumplings made with green onion and ginger. 

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Blue Koi
When Blue Koi shut the doors to its 39th Street location, our hearts broke a little. But we still happily make the drive out to its location in Leawood because its dumplings are just that good. 


Buck Tui BBQ
Ted Liberda blends Northeastern Thai cuisine with local Kansas City barbecue flavors, and the end result is unreal. The whole menu is a delight, but the Thai sausage dumplings are a must-try for Dumpling Day. 


Bo Lings
One of Kansas City’s most famous Chinese restaurants, Bo Lings has five locations across Kansas and Missouri (soon to be six again when the City Market location reopens). Their Plaza dim sum is delicious, but we love their Sichuan pork dumplings served with soy-chili sauce.


Sura Eats
Tucked inside the Crossroads dining collective Parlor, Sura Eats is all about Korean comfort food. They definitely deliver with their homemade fried dumplings—made with either pork or tofu—and served with their special Sura dumpling sauce.

Rakar Dumpling House 
Rakar’s menu changes based on what’s available locally and seasonally, but you can bet dumplings will always be available. Their passion for this dish is apparent with the breadth of options available—from fish to lamb to veggie, there’s something for everyone at this Leawood dumpling house.


ABC Café
A dim sum staple in Overland Park, ABC Café has fast, affordable, and delicious dumplings all day. We love the shrimp wonton in chili sauce and the shrimp dumplings with black mushroom. 

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Waldo Thai
Featuring authentic, homestyle Thai food inspired by chef Pam Liberda’s childhood growing up in Lampang, Waldo Thai’s appetizer Giaw Neung is always a great choice. A dumpling made with pork and shrimp, this tasty dish is finished off with cilantro and a ginger garlic hoisin sauce.


Bōru Asian Eatery
This Waldo favorite has some of our favorite shrimp dumplings and pork gyoza. Both handmade and pan-fried, they’re additionally stuffed with chives and make the perfect starters.

Mainly known for their make-your-own poké bowls, don’t sleep on the dumplings from this hidden Crossroads gem. We suggest an appetizer of pork dumplings (or two). You won’t regret it.


Lulu’s Thai Noodle Shop
With three locations across the city, there’s ample opportunity to celebrate with Lulu’s authentic Thai flavors and pork or vegetable dumplings. Pan-fried or steamed—we can’t decide!

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