Iced, Iced, Baby! Let’s Celebrate National Sugar Cookie Day!

Listen up, Cookie Monsters! We just discovered one of metro’s newest frostitutes. Meet talented baker Karissa Todd, owner of Sugar Cookie Bliss, who started whipping up cookies part-time only a couple years ago. When the former communications consultant was thinking about switching to baking for her career, she weighed the pros and cons. “I asked myself, ‘What do I love to do?’ and ‘What would I do even if no one paid me?’ My answer was that I loved baking sugar cookies.”

To celebrate National Sugar Cookie Day, we got the who/what/when/where of frosted sugar cookies from Todd.

What is it about sugar cookies that makes them so perfect for parties?
“Sugar cookies are just a classic, timeless dessert. You can customize them for any type of theme or party—from formal to informal occasions. They also make great hostess gifts or party favors.”

Baking and decorating cleverly designed sugar cookies is time consuming! How do you do it every day?
“I actually find baking and cookie decorating almost therapeutic—just like painting, coloring, crocheting, etc. are for some people. But I do work to find a balance of creating beautiful, fun designs in a way that isn’t overly complicated—that has been key for me to grow and expand.”

What’s special about your sugar cookies?
“I built my business on a family recipe handed down from my grandma. After more than 40 years of making this recipe, I’m really particular about what makes a delicious sugar cookie. I give my customers what I love—a classic, soft sugar cookie at just the right size (not too big, not too thick) with melt-in-your-mouth buttercream frosting. I top it off with simple, elegant decorations on my signature circles.”

You had me at buttercream frosting.
How was the cookie biz during stay-at-home orders?
“I took a break for a few weeks to monitor and better understand guidelines for food businesses. Once I had new processes in place, including no-contact delivery and pick up, I started filling orders again. I deliver across the metro area, and fortunately, business picked right back up. Cookie decorating kits really took off as people were looking for things to do at home with their kids.”

What is your favorite cookie design to make and/or eat?
“One of my favorites—especially with all we’re going through—is a cookie with the word ‘love’ in script across it. I love the simplicity of it. I also have a ‘Summer Sparkle’ collection with bright frosting colors and sanding sugar that I’m loving right now.”

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