Setting the Bar High — At Home, That Is — Part IV

No matter where you find it, a home bar is the perfect way to blend a night out with a night in. Some of the finest displays of such a mix are here in the metro.

Next up—a beloved chocolatier has a hidden speakeasy tucked away at his office, because, of course he does.

Speakeasy Squared

Christopher Elbow—yes, that Christopher Elbow, of KC chocolate fame—created a speakeasy in his home—but not before building an impressive one in his downtown office. When his company moved into a new building, Elbow ensured that he had space available for a “bigger and better version” of that original speakeasy. “I really enjoy making cocktails, and I have an extensive liquor collection from my travels,” he says. “I wanted to have a dedicated space to house my collection and be able to create cocktails in more of a professional setting.”

The entrance to the speakeasy is hidden, but those who step beyond the doors will see floor-to-ceiling shelves displaying the liquor collection. Elbow says it’s intended to resemble an old Cuban rum bar. “The walls look like distressed tile and wood, and there are lots of tropical plants,” he says. “There’s even a frozen drink machine that we use to craft some really delicious frozen cocktails.” The speakeasy, aptly named Embargo, has added a really fun element to the office, Elbow says. “You definitely feel as though you are in another place and time when you are inside.”