Chiefs Parade Recap: Some of the Best Moments You Might Have Missed

Photo courtesy of the Chiefs’ Twitter.

Did you hear Kansas City threw a massive party on February 15 to celebrate the Chiefs’ Super Bowl win? An estimated 1,000,000-plus fans came together in downtown Kansas City for the Chiefs Kingdom Champions Parade—the largest turnout Kansas City has seen for a parade—and there were lots of special moments.

Here’s what you might have missed—or want to relive if you were fortunate enough to catch it in person.

Patrick Mahomes handed off the Lombardi Trophy to fans—it’s unclear if the trophy in the video was the real trophy or a replica, but we know the trophy made it safely to the rally!

The Chiefs players rightfully partied hard. Here’s Travis Kelce catching—and downing—a shot of fireball from the crowd.

Yes, Mama Kelce was in attendance. Looks like she got plenty of photos and videos of her champion in true mom fashion.

Fans went crazy for Patrick Mahomes. He even got a huge round of applause after exiting one of the port-a-potties along the parade route.

Chris Jones took in some parade festivities from the roof of a golf cart.

Ihmir Smith-Marsette borrowed a fake skeleton from a fan. He ran off with the skeleton and did not bring it back.

Celebrities, including Eric Stonestreet, came to Kansas City for the parade.

Nick Wright, Fox Sports television personality and sports radio talk show host, also came to the parade and had a great moment with Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce.

Andy Reid celebrated to the beat of a giant Chiefs drum.

Patrick Mahomes told fans, “We ain’t done yet,” and that Kansas City should plan to meet him back at Union Station for another Super Bowl victory rally next year.

Travis Kelce reprised his famous “We’ve gotta right to partayyy ” line during the rally at Union Station.

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