Zimpulse Purchase of the Week – 7/18

Our editor Zim Loy is a fan of elegant simplicity. “I’ve always like small, well-designed things that make a utilitarian task more interesting,” she says.

Well, no wonder she is a fan of the TI-1 Bottle Opener. ($28) Not only did it win the prestigious Good Design Award, the minimalist bottle opener by Takenobu Igarashi is a perfect addition to your home bar. Designed in 1990, its timeless design still looks fantastic nearly 30 years later.

Made of stainless steel with engraved branding, you’ll find this hard-to-find bar accoutrement locally at Kanso in the Crossroads. (Kanso is a Japanese Zen principle meaning “simplicity or elimination of clutter”—and if that doesn’t sum up this aesthetically pleasing bottle opener, nothing will.)

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